Helping You After A DWI or DUI Accusation

Being pulled over and accused for a DWI is often unnerving. Facing charges can make you feel as if you are backed into a corner and that there is nothing you can do. If you are accused of DWI or DUI, you have options and should act immediately.

I am Steven F Wukovits, and I have extensive experience assisting individuals facing DWI and DUI penalties. I will investigate your case, identify arguable points and act to lessen any penalties on your behalf.

Understanding The Penalties Of A DWI

A DWI charge impacts your life in many ways. Your finances, freedom, driving privileges and reputation are all at stake.

Penalties for a DWI vary depending on if you have any previous DWI offenses on your record. Penalties typically include:

  • Jail time: between 30 and 180 days in jail
  • Fines: between $250 and $1,000 in penalties due
  • Driving privileges: license suspension between three months and 10 years
  • Classes: attend drug and alcohol education classes

In the state of New Jersey, offenders may also be required to equip their vehicle with an Ignition Interlock Device.

 Out Of State Drivers

Motorists are required to obey all traffic laws for whichever state they are in. If you are arrested in New Jersey for a DWI, but reside in a different state, you still face consequences. It is also possible that New Jersey officials will notify your home state. When this happens, you potentially lose driving privileges in both states. I will fight for you in court.

Get The Local Representation You Need

Whether you are a resident or a tourist passing through, you need a local lawyer to aid you in your defense. I will do all that I can to reduce the repercussions of this event. Don’t wait to make a move, call my office today at +1-908-709-1700 or email me to get started.