Municipal Court

Helping You Act In Municipal Court

Facing an infraction on the road can impact your daily life. Your ability to continue to drive, finances and reputation can face repercussions. It may feel like there is nothing you can do. Fortunately, with a trusted attorney by your side, you can act to reduce the impact of these types of charges.

I am Steven F Wukovits, and I will guide you through these matters from start to finish. I understand what you are going through and take all possible avenues into account in order to pursue your best interests.

From Traffic Offenses To DWI Charges, I Can Assist You

If you were pulled over for a traffic offense, you deserve to defend yourself against any accusations.

While DWI/DUI violations in the State of New Jersey are not considered crimes, convictions for these offenses and other motor vehicle violations carry serious consequences. I have successfully represented many clients for the following municipal matters:

  • DWI and DUI
    • New Jersey DWI/ DUI charges
    • Out of state drivers DWI/ DUI charges
    • Prescription medication DUI charges
    • Underage DWI / DUI charges
    • Boating DWI/ DUI charges
    • Alcotest refusals and challenges
  • Motor vehicle traffic infractions
    • Traffic summonses and moving violations
    • Driving without insurance
    • Driving while on a suspended or revoked license
    • Leaving the scene of an accident
    • Cell  phone use violations

Don’t hesitate to take action. Time is of the essence, and it is important that you act quickly when it comes to these charges.

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