You were traveling down the Parkway like any other day. But in a heartbeat, it became a day you’ll never forget. A car accident can send you reeling, but staying vigilant after the jarring events of a crash can help you get back on your feet.

Car accidents cause billions of dollars in medical costs every year. The price of hospital stays, emergency surgeries and future treatments can quickly become insurmountable when you’re facing them alone, but you could get help if you stay aware after an accident.

Driving claims

Following a few guidelines could be the best way to take care of yourself and your claim after a wreck:

  • Contact the authorities: Not only is it in your best interest to contact the proper authorities after an accident, New Jersey state law requires it when there has been over $500 in damages. This will also ensure that anyone who needs it will have access to prompt medical attention.
  • Get medical attention: Which you should take advantage of for many reasons. Accidents can cause severe injuries, and the effects of adrenaline may not let injuries be known for some time. You’ll also want to start forming a connection between and injuries and the accident, and accepting help at the scene can be the quickest way to do that.
  • Trade the required information: Get the insurance information of the other driver, but make sure you don’t admit any fault. It’s not up to you to determine who is responsible for the accident, and any portion of the blame could count against any claim you make in the future.
  • Gather information: You’ll want to collect as much evidence from the scene as possible for any future claims. Take pictures, make notes and collect information from any witnesses. You can also speak with the attending officer to find out where you can find a copy of the police report.

Medical bills can cost you big, and missteps after an accident can have you paying even more. Mind your actions after an accident, and you could be on the way to getting the help you need.